ARAXLAND — P2E cryptogame combining AR, blockchain and NFT technologies.
We have developed a game demo for our customer: ARAXLAND — P2E cryptogame combining AR, blockchain and NFT technologies.
Players catch, raise, procreate and trade creatures (araxes) in AR mode. They can assemble teams and fight with other players in arenas and tournaments, receiving system tokens as a prize.
Araxes have various characteristics and roles, allowing player to create different team compositions.
At this stage we showed the essence of the game - core gameplay. A part of the game where players will spend a lot of their time.
In the Araxland demo you play against a bot. The game distributing abilities (cards) in a pseudo-random way every match.

The game implements:
+ Combat location;
+ Combat logic, direct damage, health, DoT, HoT and AoE mechanics;
+ 16 skills (8 on each side)
+ Win-loss logic;
+ 8 composite animated creatures of different species. Creatures react to what's happening on the battle arena by playing different kinds of animations.
+ Basic UI and its animation effects
+ Game Editor: creatures' positioning on the field, their sizes and characteristics;
+ Abilities Editor: effects, stats, damage type, ctr. You can change the settings in real time and see the effect on the field.
+ Non-final graphics.

Also, we made Gameplay video:
We are ready to develop a demo version for you and prepare the necessary documentation.
Write us about your project and we will do everything as you plan!
Within the project framework, we prepared for our client documents for investors : tokenomics, investment proposal, whitepaper, lightpaper, pitch deck, presentation of the game, clarified project roadmap.
At the next stage, we are ready to make the full-fledged MVP game.
It will contain:
- full gameplay cycle (catching, breeding, merge creatures);
- Augmented Reality unit;
- the possibility of creating teams of creatures,
- the possibility to add abilities(cards) skills;
- the game connection to the NEAR protocol.

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