Game 'HIDDEN INVESTIGATION: WHO DID IT?' in the Hidden Object. Porting a game from Unity to html5
How to update the game? Restore income? - it's simple - let players no longer download it to their computer, as Brave Giant did.
They often come to us at exhibitions, tell us the history of the company and show games that were once popular, but now
are at the bottom of the rankings. And what... Is it possible to revive them? Answer: of course you can!

The game was originally developed with Unity for PC and Mac platforms.
The key goal was to create a cross-platform version of the game for its placement on the GameDistribution portal.

Thus, the Customer received an additional portal audience without downloading the main BraveGiant team.
What is the difference between these screens - the answer is nothing! That's the beauty: when translating to html5, the players did not lose the quality of the graphics, but they stopped downloading the game to their computer, which saves them time.

This means that the game has received more satisfied players and BraveGiant customers.
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