Fashion Boutique: Time Manager & Dress UP
Fashion Boutique is an exciting project that brings together a lively time management game, an engaging narrative about a businesswoman, and a virtual dressing room.
If you've ever wanted to experience what it's like to be the owner of a trendy boutique, this is the place to be!
To immerse yourself in the role, each level is accompanied by a captivating story about the owner of chic boutiques, complete with a touch of romance, because what would a story be without love?
You'll witness the guests at your boutique trying on different outfits and enjoying the process.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to style the protagonist for dates and business meetings in unique outfits that you personally create.
With unexpected plot twists, this story will keep you entertained and intrigued.
So, don't waste any time—let the story unfold!
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