How it all began: Fantasy Online Game MMORPG "Fragoria" - 2005
Back in 2005, it was Fragoria - the game as of which CrocoMobi founders entered the game market.
Today we are starting a review of the projects we worked with and decided to mention Fragoria first.
It made in 2D, in Flash. The game was developed from scratch completely , starting from the idea and game design.

An exciting game at the time is made in the Old Slavonic style with Russian heroes and stories. The game is based on Russian fairy tales, ancient Greece myths and Scandinavian legends.
Completing the game quests, you are able to meet Kolobok, a merman and, of course, dragons.

The original armor of the characters attracts attention. You can upgrade it to enhance the strength and dexterity of your characters.
And there is someone to fight with: duels, you can go to Arena to fight in a group or participate in clan battles.
The game is fun with communication, hot wars and joint trips to dungeons against tough bosses.
Fragoria is live! Welcome to play the game))
There is something to see in the game cities too. Players get married and every holiday is celebrated with original pets and outfits.
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