2018 - enter Blockchain gaming with PvP-fighting EtherDragons Arena
CrocoMobi started to develop the blockchain game "The EtherDragons Arena" in 2018.
It's based on Etherium blockchain and uses ETH and Cryptaur token as currencies.
Player breeds dragons not only for sale to other players, but can use them in battles. In combat, gamer uses the skills of the dragon and decides where to damage.
Gamer makes a bet on a battle outcome and receives his opponent's bet, if he wins.
The core gameplay is PvP battles of dragons in Arena for a cash prize.
Player buys a dragon from the market and can breed it with other dragons. The higher the generation of the dragon, the stronger it is.
Every dragon has a set of skills. Its number depends on dragon generation. Different dragon breeds have a unique appearance and extra skill as an advantage in the game.
Depending on a genetic code, Dragon receives more skills and a unique name.
A combination of dragon breeds and skills is very important to win the fight.
Battles in Arena are in one-on-one mode, with a random opponent. After winning a battle, player receives his opponent's money bet. If he loses, he loses his bet.
Player engages in breeding dragons, which he can sell for crossing or for fighting in Arena. Also, gamer exposes his dragon for crossing, receiving rewards from other players.
The older the dragon, the stronger his characteristics are. And the more powerful the dragon's appearance is, the more chance his owner has to take a battle. If player owns many dragons, he can feed a selected dragon by another one to increase level, strength, and special abilities.

Stay tuned, that's not all!
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