Behind the mask is an exciting love story! Awesome novella!
Another colorful project of 2020 was Novella "Behind the Mask".

Graphically, the game is made in 2D, on the Unity platform. The development was carried out completely from "0".

The project tells a surprisingly vivid story of a girl who decided to become poor for the sake of love.
The bright plot has many branches. The love triangle keeps in suspense in any of the sleeves of the plot.
It is impossible to break away, we checked it ourselves. Try it too!
The game turned out to be very beautiful with bright landscapes of locations, which are complemented by details depending on the plot twists.

Therefore, you can see the same location in different views, which always adds to the mood.
It is probably unnecessary to talk about outfits, but the designer did their best.
And you can only fantasize what outfits Claire will wear next.
The beauty of the story is emphasized by bright, beautifully rendered characters.
Enjoy the game! It is better to see once than to hear many times)
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